Team in ACTION!! - 2015

Coach Ressler and Budd giving the girls some advice before the next rally

The Junior High Girls Volleyball Team in action against RI Baker Middle School.


JV Boys Win League Championships.

The season runs from September to the end of November.

Junior high boys' volleyball is coached by Jenn Warren and Ryan Mitchell.  The team is managed by Stacey Kaiser. 

Junior high girls volleyball is coached by Mr. Clayton Ressler and Geri Budd.

Junior high girls volleyball county team coached by Colleen Carry, Jordan Tharle and Jelena Dumka.  Managed by Anna Posein.

Senior high boys' volleyball is coached by Channing Schneider.  The team is managed by Mrs. Schneider.

Senior high girls' volleyball is coached by Mr. Weitz and Shelli Taylor managed by Lisa Wylie. 

If you are interested in helping these programs (we are always looking for volunteer bus drivers) please contact Miss. Angie Seaman