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The program at CCHS is best described as primarily academically focused with an extensive Career and Technology Studies component. A full range of complementary courses for both junior and senior high is offered as well. County Central students have continually achieved at a very high level on Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams.


The program at CCHS is best described as primarily academically focused with an extensive Career and Technology Studies component. A full range of complementary courses for both junior and senior high is offered as well. County Central students have continually achieved at a very high level on Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams.

The educational program at County Central is augmented by the existence of the Vulcan Outreach School which operates on a separate campus in downtown Vulcan. Outreach Education allows students to access programs which may not be available in a traditional classroom delivery format as well as the opportunity to structure a program that suits their individual needs. The Vulcan Outreach School is a vital component of our school.

The implementation of technology in our instructional program has been a priority over the past several years. The school maintains a Windows Local Area Network (LAN) as part of the Palliser Regional Schools Wide Area Network (WAN). Wireless access is available throughout the school. The school has a 30 station pc lab, 50 laptops, an 18 station component in the library as well as a 16 station lab in our CTS location. Our network is online with high speed internet access and all students and teachers are well versed in computer technology and literacy.

A comprehensive sports program is offered. School teams include volleyball, basketball, golf, badminton, curling, track and field, cross-county running, rugby and baseball.

The school has been the beneficiary of a number of extensive renovations in the past which has resulted in an older, but excellent facility. The Cultural Recreational Centre (CRC) is attached to the school, making available to the school and the community the best sporting and cultural venue in the region. The Vulcan Body Works Club is another addition to the school operating with a first rate, high-tech fitness centre, squash/racquetball court and aerobics area.

County Central is an outstanding school operating in a fine community in southern Alberta.


Ms. Leanne Hellman


Mr. Don Monts-- Vice-principal


"Exceptional Education"


The mission of County Central High School is to maximize students’ educational, emotional and social development within the atmosphere of positive cooperation.


County Central High School is committed to ensuring, through the combined efforts of staff, families, and community, a quality education for our students that will enable them to take their place in the community as responsible, caring, and knowledgeable citizens.


County Central High School believes that the task of providing a quality education involves both rights and responsibilities on the part of all stakeholders.

  • Our students have the right to be treated with the respects due to persons actively pursuing an education, and they have the right to an educational program that meets their individual educational needs and is provided in a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Our students have the responsibility to actively pursue their education to the utmost of their ability and to not interfere in any way with the learning of other students.
  • Our teachers and staff have the right to be treated with the respect due to professional educators delivering quality educational programs.
  • Our teachers and staff have the responsibility to deliver quality educational programs.
  • Our parents and community members have the right to be treated with the respect due to individuals with active interests in the educational process within our school.
  • Our parents and community members have the responsibility to work with students and teachers in a positive manner for the betterment of school operations.


Our student body collaboratively created our values statement using the letters of our mascot, HAWK:

H-- Honesty

A-- Awesome Attitude

W--Work Ethic

K-- Kindness

Education Plan

Our focus this year is on literacy, leadership and mental health.   Click HERE to access our Three-year Education Plan.

Supply Lists

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 Jr. High Supply List

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Programs and Services


County Central High School supports an inclusive education model for students who have exceptional needs.  This model is achieved through a collaborative team approach involving the school administration, classroom teachers, the learning support teacher, students and parents.   Our goal is to ensure success for every student.  We strive to reach this goal based on the diagnosis and assessment of student needs and on-going collaborative planning and the development of appropriate educational programs to meet these individual needs. Other members of the collaborative team may include our family school liaison counsellor, a behaviour specialist, a literary coach, technology integration specialists, educational assistants, and other community members.  For more information on our how to access learning support and inclusive education opportunities for your child, contact Mrs. Wouters.  



Palliser's Family School Liaison Program provides qualified, professional counsellors to support student and family needs throughout the district. The goals of the program are to:

  • Strengthen and stabilize school and family life
  • Promote healthy relationships among family, child/youth and school 
  • Increase mental health capacity in children and youth.

Individual counselling is available to deal with an array of needs including separation/divorce, grief/loss, self-esteem, mentoring/positive role modeling, school attendance, parent/child conflict, violence, abuse, depressions, anxiety, peer/friendship issues, and problem solving. Referral information is also provided to those families wishing to access community resources and services, or for students requiring supports outside of the scope of the Family School Liaison Counselor.

How is counselling accessed? A request for counselling can be initiated one of two ways:

  • Through a staff members such as the classroom teacher, consulting teacher, or administrator, or
  • Students or parents/guardians can directly contact our FSLC, Mr. Eric Burgess, and request counselling services. 

Once the counsellor has received a referral from the staff or parent/guardian, an intake appointment will be arranged to discuss concerns and possibilities. Involvement in the Family School Liaison Program is voluntary and parents/guardians and students have the right to stop counselling by notifying the counsellor. (Palliser Regional Schools, 2014)



The library is the instructional resource center of the school and students are encouraged to acquire knowledge through research of available resources.  The library is a quiet place to work and study.  

Library Hours

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 3:30 Pm closed during lunch

Friday 8:00 am - 12:30 Pm




Palliser Beyond Borders

Dear Students and Parents:

Welcome back to the 2015-16 academic year. Please note following information for students who are continuing with Palliser Beyond Borders or for students who are joining us this year: Registration for all Palliser Students is now available online: http://www.palliserbeyondborders.com/registration/online 

* Students must log into their first course within 15 days of registration to avoid the risk of your account being deactivated.

For further information please follow this link:http://countycentral.ca/download/35365

March & April Newsletter http://countycentral.ca/download/74442