All band classes are taught by Mr. Rodgers for both junior and senior high students.

Beginner Band - Band 7

This class consists of all grade seven students. The purpose of this class is to be exposed to and enforce instrumental basics. Students will learn the fundamentals of playing on an instrument and will be able to execute these skills in certain performance settings. Owning an instrument for this course is recommended but not necessary.

Junior Concert Band - Band 8/9

This class consists of grade eight and nine students. The Jr. Concert Band is an option course which meets two times a week. The purpose of this class is to extend the skills learned in beginner band. Band 9 is strongly recommended in order to move on to the Senior Concert Band in high school. Again, owing an instrument is recommended but not necessary.

Band 10/20/30

The Senior Concert Band is a performance group made up of traditional instrumentation (strings, winds, brass and percussion). They play a number of performances throughout the year and have an opportunity to tour to other cities to showcase their talents. The prerequisite for Band10/20/30is Band 9 and/or an audition with Mr. Rodgers.

Rock Band

Rock Band is another performance group made up of rock band instruments (guitar, bass guitar, drums, etc). They play a variety of cover songs and also have the opportunity to perform for the public. Owning your own instrument is recommended however there are no other requirements to join this course.