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STOP!T App and Student Rally Coming to CCHS To Help Stop Cyberbullying

We are excited to announce that our school has enrolled with STOPit! This innovative new program promotes positive school culture, teaches our community about online safety, and provides all students with free access to the STOPit mobile app.

Your child may have seen inappropriate content online if they use:

*Facebook                               *Snapchat                               *Kik

*Twitter                                  *Instagram                              *Tumblr

*Online Games (Minecraft)   *                                   *Vine and other apps…


STOPit allows students to do the right thing and instantly send a report to the school and/or trusted adults.

 STOPit also grants students 24/7 access to a crisis center via talk or text. This is an invaluable resource for students facing issues such as:

*Personal Crisis                      *Conflict                                  *Cyberbullying           

*Bullying                                 *Self-Harm                              *Peer Pressure and more…


Using STOPit is simple, fast, and powerful:

  1. Students download the free STOPit for Schools app on the iTunes, Google Play, or Windows Phone store and enter their unique Intellicode. Every app is customized per school and student.
  2. Students send a picture or text of inappropriate material to the school and/or trusted adults.
  3. School and/or trusted adults receive reports, resolve situation and provide counseling as necessary.

Upcoming Presentations about STOPit:


April 22, 2015 2:30 pm – Student presentation to teach our school how to use STOPit and be an upstander online!

April 22, 2015 6:00 pm in the CRC – Parent presentation to teach our adults about the latest trends in online safety & privacy!

 More information and resources can be found online at

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