Star Trek Schedule - 2016

Gender Time Home Team Visiting Team Field Ref
Boys 11:00 AM Vulcan Diefenbaker CCHS  
Girls 11:50 AM Vulcan Rocky CCHS  
Girls 12:40 PM Chinook Raymond CCHS  
Boys 1:30 PM Simms Rocky CCHS  
Boys 2:20 PM ND Vulcan CCHS  
Girls 3:10 PM Rocky Central M CCHS  
Girls 4:00 PM St. Francis Chinook CCHS  
Boys 4:50 PM Diefenbaker Simms CCHS  
Girls 5:40 PM Central M Vulcan CCHS  
Boys 6:30 PM Rocky ND CCHS  
Girls 7:20 PM Raymond St. Francis CCHS  
Gender Time Home Team Visiting Team Field Ref
Girls 1A-2B 9:00 AM     CCHS  
Girls 2A-1B 9:50 AM     CCHS  
Boys 10:40 AM Vulcan Rocky CCHS  
Boys 11:30 AM ND Simms CCHS  
Girls Bowl 3A-3B 12:20pm (60 min)     CCHS  
Boys 1:30 PM Rocky Diefenbaker CCHS  
Girls Plate 2:20 PM     CCHS  
Boys 3:10 PM Vulcan Simms CCHS  
Girls Cup 4:00 PM     CCHS  
Boys 4:50 PM Diefenbaker ND CCHS  


The season runs from March to mid June.

The members of the programs to date are:

Senior Boys Rugby - Aaron Grant, Henrik Lourens, Channing Schneider

Senior Girls - Miss. Angie Seaman, Cassandra Orr, Ashlee Beck, Lisa Wylie

Girls Home opener against Chinook


Well fought ladies!  We might not have won but we got our first game under our belt!  Keep up the good work!