CCHS Sport Council

Sports Council and Sports Advisory

The Sports Council at County Central High School has been created to provide an infrastructure that supports the school community in its endeavour to offer a variety of extra-curricular sporting activities.

The mandate for this organization includes but is not restricted to:

  • fostering a positive playing atmosphere for all participating students
  • fostering a positive environment for all coaches
  • clarifying the CCHS admin/staff commitment to extra-curricular sports
  • creating an avenue for fundraising to benefit all extra-curricular sports activities

Sport Council consists of 4 community members:

  • Joanne Kettenbach, Chairperson
  • Channing Schneider
  • John Seaman
  • Lisa Wylie

Sports Advisory consists of the Sports Council and 5 staff members:

  • Tracy Inaba, Principal
  • Christie Schneider, Secretary
  • Janice Povey, Treasurer
  • Angie Seaman, Athletic Director
  • Jeanette Thomas

Sports Council and Advisory hosts our annual Sports Banquet and Awards night every June to celebrate the successes of our student athletes and coaches.  This year, our sports banquet is June 15, 2015.