Student Awards



There are lots of ways to pay for your education.  You'll probably use several sources including your savings, help from family, earnings from part-time work and scholarships.

Scholarships are based on achievement, demonstrated leadership or community involvement. Every month the CCHS Career Counsellor lists available scholarships in the school newsletter, posts them on the scholarship board outside of the staff office and writes them on the whiteboard outside her office.

The Government of Alberta has a great site for searching for scholarships (

There are scholarships that are not based on grades.  Students can sign up with either Student Awards ( or Scholarships Canada ( and based on your profile, these websites will automatically email you scholarships that match your profile.  A lot of them only require tweeting people or just clicking the enter button.  Also, the scholarships are for Grades 10 and up.

Another site, which offers random scholarships for Grades 10 and up is the Student site (  Don't be fooled by the scholarship names on this site.  Those are just the donors and have nothing to do with who can apply.


Applying for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship has changed.  Students need to apply only online and that online application will be available in early July.

To apply visit:

NEW!  Two $1,000 bursaries are available from Vulcan County to all students in the County pursuing a career in agricultural or environmental studies. Applications with all supporting documentations must be received by June 30th. There's a link to the scholarships on the Vulcan County website ( and the Career Counsellor has copies, which will be posted on the Scholarship board.


The generosity of various individuals, community organizations and businesses has resulted in a significant scholarship program. A scholarship booklet updated early 2nd semester may be obtained from Miss Hill. Deadlines are listed and must be observed. Please note that most scholarships require students to apply in writing.County Central High School has a scholarship booklet filled with 21 scholarship opportunities. Students can pick up the booklet either at the office, off of the scholarship board or from Ms. Hill. There's also a link to the booklet on the CCHS website (

Honour Roll

 The honour roll serves to recognize outstanding achievement and to act as a source of motivation for students. After each reporting period, an honour roll will be displayed on the bulletin board and published in the school newsletter.

 Junior/Senior High Eligibility

a) Honour Roll 80% to 100%
b) Merit Award 75% to 79%

For Junior High, the honour/merit awards are an average of all courses on a per hour/week of instruction basis. For Senior High, the honour/merit awards are an average of all courses on a per credit basis. If a student fails any subject, that student’s name will not be placed on the honour roll/merit award.


In both Junior High and Senior High, a Certificate of Achievement in each individual subject is presented to a student who, through diligence, has attained the highest mark in a course throughout the semester or the school year.

These awards are presented at the annual awards ceremony in the fall of each year.

Mitchell Motivational Awards

To recognize students who show the greatest amount of progress academically, socially, and emotionally, cheques are presented at the annual awards ceremony. Two students are selected from Junior High. Teachers nominate students who they believe are suitable candidates for this recognition. A committee from the staff selects those to be recognized from the nominees.


This award is awarded in memory of Mrs. Virginia Mitchell.

CCHS Hawk Awards

Bronze Hawk Award

This award is for a one-year accumulation of points. It may be earned in either Gr. 10, 11, or 12. It will be presented in the year earned.  To earn a Bronze Hawk Award, the point requirements are as follows:

Minimum in each category: 3;  Maximum in each category: 10  Total points required: 15

Silver Hawk Award

To earn a Silver Hawk Award, the points are cumulative over a period of up to 3 years of high school.  Point requirements are as follows:

Minimum in each category: 6; Maximum in each category: 20   Total points required: 30.  

Gold Hawk Award

To earn a Gold Hawk Award, the points are cumulative over a period of up to 3 years of high school.  Point requirements are as follows:

Minimum in each category: 9; Maximum in each category: 30 Total points required: 50

 All Hawk Awards will be presented at the Awards Banquet in the fall.


Point Allocations for Hawk Awards:



60% -1
65% -2
70% -3
75% -4
80% + -5

Min 10 credits/semester.
All courses count equally.


Basketball -5
Volleyball -5
Badminton -3
Curling -3
Track & Field -1
Drama - up to 5
Golf -2
Cross Country -2
Intramurals -½ per sport
Europe Trip -3
Band -2
Rock Band -2
Baseball -3
Softball -3
Rugby -5


Students Council -5
Club/Committee -3
Volunteer at School Events -1/8 hours
Special Activity -1
Team Volunteer -1
Mentorship -5
Officiating/Sport -1
Community Activity -1/50 hrs